Sunday, 27 October 2013

Needle-Free Immunisations Update

In the experimental stage at present are nanoparticle delivering skin patch systems to deliver immunisations.  Developed by Prof Mark Kendall from the University of Queensland, the patches are starting to undergo human trials this year in Australia and Dr Kendall hopes they will deliver low-cost and effective immunisation to the developing world.  He has received a grant from Merck and also won an enterprise award from Rolex, to help him carry out the work.

The needle-free nanopatch should not be confused with homoeopathic vaccinations which are also needle-free.  These oral preparations are prepared by a process of succussion or potentiation whereby the disease extract is diluted in water a number of times by vigorously shaking until there is none of it  remaining in the final preparation.  This is then administered orally to patients.  Each practitioner approaches their preparations in a different way, as there is no regulating body that oversees the practice of homoeopathy in Australia. 

The British Homoeopathic Association and the Australian Register of Homoeopaths both do not recommend homoeopathic immunisations over conventional vaccination.  In fact, the Australian Homoeopathic Association on it's webpage on vaccinations clarifies that homoeopathic vaccinations is a misnomer as vaccination requires the formation of antibodies which is not the case with the homoeopathic system.  This system should better be known as homoeoprophylaxis and is not recommended by all homoeopaths.

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